There’s no doubt another post that needs to come out the 50 or so comments on in the most amazing previous thread. But for now, the one that’s really got me shaking my head is Karl’s report that his Did You Know? video has been viewed over two million times. Now I know that’s a rough estimate, and that we don’t really know what “viewed” means. But you have to look at that at just think “Oh. My. Goodness.”

A couple of stories: The other day I get an e-mail from our friend who is our school board president titled “An Item of Interest.” Guess where the link led…

Yesterday in a workshop I was giving, a staff developer told me they had shown Karl’s video at a staff meeting. The reaction? “Blown away.”

Rob told me a few weeks ago that he had shown it at a faculty meeting at my old school. Same response.

So what does it mean? Obviously it’s hard to say. Certainly, Karl’s video has no doubt gone viral, which is the first time something like that’s happened in this community, I think. It’s probably done more to set the table for the “big” conversation that just about anything else we’ve collectively done. And it’s certainly done much to bring people into our world.

So what’s next?

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