So I’m finding it really, really difficult to read much of the edblogloshpere these days. I’ve gotten out of synch…too much traveling. Too much to do at work. Too much of everything.

But here’s the kind of weird thing which is scary at the same time. I’m kind of liking the silence. And I’m not sure if that’s just because I was simply getting overwhelmed or because I was just tiring of the discussion a bit. If it is the latter, that would be an interesting development, I think, one that I’d really want to deconstruct. Am I bored with it? Is it moving beyond me? Is it fruitless? Am I not learning? Is it just too much to take on?

I dunno…

I’ve been thinking seriously about where I want to take this space when my new life starts in a couple of weeks. I’m just feeling like lately it’s become too repetetive, too echo-y. It doesn’t feel fresh. I’ve been lucky to develop a pretty wide readership, but I’m wondering if that’s affecting my work here, pulling it in a direction it doesn’t want to go. It feels like I need to retool somehow. I’m looking for that next step, I think. Blog enlightenment. And I don’t think it’s in writing more or trying harder. I think, as with all enlightenment, it’s about letting go.

But of what?


Kathy Sierra’s post from yesterday turns out to be extremely, incredibly, wildly relevant and helpful. It’s titled “The Myth of Keeping Up,” and my takeaway is to get focused and figure out how to best use the time I do have to read and write. And this is the one part that really resonated:

Finally, are WE part of the problem? Are we overwhelming our users with documentation? Or are we part of the solution to their info anxiety? We’re the ones that should be helping our users really focus on the things they need at any stage. While we all recognize that we are stressed for time and on info overload, we tend to think our users have all the time in the world to figure it all out (RTFM).

I know she’s writing about a bit of a different context, but I think it’s a great point. I’m very fortunate to have built a pretty wide readership here. The last thing I want to do is add to the deluge. Less reading may lead to less knowing and less writing, but it may also lead to deeper knowing and deeper writing. And that’s really where I want to get, I think.