From the “Throw it Up and See if it Sticks Deptartment” I just put together a Digg-type site over at CrispyNews specifically for those of us who are focused on the Read/Write Web and the implications for education. Here’s how I think you could use it if you bought into it.

First, go over to the EdBloggerNews page and register for an account (left hand column.) Then, grab the bookmarklet (at the top of the left hand column) and drag it to your toolbar so when you find something of interest you can easily post it. Then, most importantly, subscribe to the RSS feed for the site so you collect all of the Web goodness we provide (with any luck).

I know this plays off the idea that I threw up yesterday, and it still might be better if we just collectively used the edblogreading tag that “ratcatcher” created. Suggestions welcomed.

And to be honest, this is all stemming from a bigger burr in my brain of late that has to do with the seeming randomness of all of the really great work that people in this community are starting to create. It’s just feeling like it’s all over the place, and that if we could in some way get our collective act together, we could start creating an incredibly valuable resource. I know it’s all about small pieces loosely joined, but wouldn’t it be great to point the newcomers to one spot that was a clearinghouse for all of this work? Not to mention the value it would have to us old timers in terms of bringing people in. I mean all of a sudden, it seems like everyone has a wiki, and most all of them have great intent and good content. But there’s also a lot of duplication of effort, and more importantly, dis-connection, at least that what it feels like to me.

Am I wrong?

And more importantly, what to do about it?

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