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What every educator needs to know about Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms in one handy (and if I do say so myself, smart-looking) volume written by me, Will Richardson, and published by Corwin Press. Written for young teachers, old teachers, soon-to-be-teachers, administrators, heck…anyone who wants to learn more about how the Web is changing teaching and learning.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1–The Read/Write Web
  • A New World Wide Web
  • Extraordinary Changes
  • The Read/Write Web in Education
  • Digital Natives
  • The Toolbox
  • Keeping Students Safe
  • Summary

Chapter 2–Weblogs: Pedagogy and Practice

  • Weblogs in Schools
  • The Pedagogy of Weblogs
  • Blogging Across the Curriculum
  • Blogs as Resources
  • Classroom Uses of Weblogs
  • Standards for the English Language Arts by NCTE and IRA

Chapter 3–Weblogs: Get Started!

  • Start Small
  • Blogging With Students
  • Blog Safety
  • Blog Software
  • Blogging Step by Step
  • Making a Blog Roll

Chapter 4–Wikis: Easy Collaboration for All

  • The Challenge of Wikipedia in Schools
  • Wikis in Schools
  • Examples of Wikis in K-12 Education
  • Wiki Tools for Schools
  • Other Wiki Tools and Resources

Chapter 5–RSS: The New Killer App for Educators

  • Setting up an RSS Feed Reader
  • Finding and Adding Feeds
  • Using RSS Feeds in the Classroom
  • Combining RSS Feeds
  • Including RSS Feeds in Your Weblog
  • Reading RSS Feeds

Chapter 6–The Social Web: Learning Together

  • Social Bookmarking Services

Chapter 7–Fun With Flickr: Creating, Publishing, and Using Images Online

  • Introducing Flickr
  • Learning With Flickr
  • Flickr in Practice
  • More Flickr Fun

Chapter 8–Podcasting and Screencasting: Multimedia Publishing for the Masses

  • Podcasting
  • Podcasting in Schools
  • Getting Started with Podcasting
  • Screencasting

Chapter 9–What it all Means

  • New Literacies
  • The Big Shifts
  • Just the Beginning

Epilogue: The Classroom of the Read/Write Web