From Pull, by John Seeley Brown, John Hagel III, and Lang Davison:

The institutional changes ahead will be quite different. These changes will be driven by passionate individuals distributed throughout and even outside the institution, supported by institutional leaders who understand the need for change but who also realize that this wave of change cannot be imposed from the top down. The new institutional model will involve a complete refocusing: Rather than molding individuals to fit the needs of the institution, institutions will be shaped to provide platforms to help individuals achieve their full potential by connecting with others and better addressing challenging performance needs (Location 150, Kindle version). [Emphasis mine.]

Love that part about the “complete refocusing” because it resonates so much with a lot of the other stuff I’ve been reading and thinking. But the part I’m really diving into is that last, the idea of schools providing platforms to help students achieve their full potential through connecting with others. What if we spent the bulk of our planning and visioning conversations in schools around just that one thought?

Great read so far.

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