Starting on Thursday, we’re (PLP) going to be sponsoring some “Open Mic” nights in Elluminate, a chance for people to just drop in and spend an hour talking about various education/tech/shift related topics. We know there are lots of opportunities for “Perpetual PD” out there already, but a number of folks have expressed an interest in just sitting down and chatting with other folks from around the world around topics of shared interest, so we thought we’d provide the structure and see what happens. Think of it as a virtual coffee house (or tavern or whatever works…)

Our first session this Thursday from 7-8 pm EDT will be moderated by yours truly and Shelly Blake Plock, and we’re looking for some discussion topic ideas. You can see some of the responses Shelly got on his blog, or feel free to add some in the comments here.

In terms of format, we were thinking that to maximize the participation time, we’d give those that wanted the mic one minute before passing it on. (If they wanted to say more, they could always get back in the queue.) If you have other ideas, please add them here. And we’ll use the tag #edopenmic unless we get a better suggestion.

Looking forward to extending the conversation with all of you throughout the summer.