Just want to make sure everyone is aware of Gary Stager’s most excellent “Constructing Modern Knowledge” conference being held this summer (July 12-15) in Manchester, NH. Here’s a snip from the description:

Constructing Modern Knowledge is a unique minds-on institute for educators committed to creativity, collaboration and computing. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in intensive computer-rich project development with peers and a world-class faculty. Inspirational guest speakers and social events round out a fantastic event.

Rather than spend days listening to a series of speakers, Constructing Modern Knowledge is about action. Attendees will work and interact with educational experts concerned with maximizing the potential of every learner.

While our outstanding faculty is comprised of educational pioneers, bestselling authors and inventors of innovative educational technologies, the real power of Constructing Modern Knowledge  emerges from the collaborative project development of participants.

Animation, robotics engineering, film-making, music composition, Scratch & MicroWorlds programming, simulation building, storytelling are all part of the CMK 2010 mix.

Each day’s program consists of a discussion of powerful ideas, mini tutorials on-demand, immersive learning adventures designed to challenge one’s thinking, substantial time for project work and a reflection period.

The learning environment is filled with stimulating “objects to think with,” including a library, art supplies & materials for tinkering.

21st Century educators need to develop their own technological fluency and understand learning in order to meet the changing needs and expectations of their students. Constructing Modern Knowledge  will help participants enhance their tech skills, expand their vision of how computers may enhance the learning environment and leave with practical ideas to use in the classroom.

Speakers include Alfie Kohn, Sylvia Martinez, Deborah Meier, and Peter Reynolds. While I haven’t had the chance to attend past CMKs, I’ve heard nothing but good things, and I respect Gary’s continuing efforts to place active learning with computers squarely in the center of the conversation around technology and schools.