So I know this is short notice, but yesterday Ben Grey, Ryan Bretag, Sylvia Martinez, Doug Belshaw, Bud Hunt and others were having one of those (I think) maddeningly frustrating chopped up, hard to follow Twitter “conversations” about literacy that I and a few others started to chime in to and at some point I just thought we should “get a room” so to speak to have the conversation in a more coherent way since there were all sorts of interesting ideas being expressed and the whole thing resulted in scheduling an Elluminate session for today at 1 pm ET (time conversion here, tip to KJ) and that’s a long sentence but I’m not awake yet and you get the gist, I hope. If you’re not familiar with Elluminate, you need an Internet connection and a microphone and about two minutes to get up and running. I’ll be in the room 20 minutes or so beforehand to help people get going. Not that it’s going to matter, I don’t think, but seating is limited to 100, first come first served. Right now, I have about 25 Twitter RSVPs, so… I’ll moderate the conversation as best I can, and we’ll cap it at an hour (unless people want to continue on.) I’ll also record it and offer it up if anyone wants to check back. This is my take, but the topic is loosely based around these Twitter back and forths here and here, a conversation/debating medium that Dean Shareski aptly describes as “determining the best basketball team via free throws.” Join us if you can!

PROGRAMMING NOTE: I have a couple of other Elluminate/UStream session interviews scheduled, one this upcoming Tuesday at 11:30 am ET with Howard Rheingold, author of Smart Mobs and one of the real pioneers in thinking about social tools and one of my best teachers, and another with Professor Carol Dweck, author of Mindset which is a fascinating look at how attitudes affect learning. More to come on both of those…

UPDATE: Original session link was wrong…fixed now.

UPDATE: Session archive is now published.