Here, in a nutshell, is why we need to teach the learning potentials of social Web technologies in K-12.

In an article titled “Today’s Question: Should social media be used in education?” in The Missourian, a Univeristy of Missouri student is quoted as saying:

“I don’t really care. It (social media) probably wouldn’t help. It’s social type stuff — we’re trying to learn,” said Michael Phillip, a 20-year-old junior mechanical engineering major at MU.

I think that’s the way a lot of teachers and parents think about social media as well, frankly. I mean, it’s pretty easy to see the social connections that can be made here, but I still think very few people understand that some profound learning can take place in those connections. And that 20-year olds who supposedly are immersed in social media have no sense that those learning potentials exist. Whose fault is that, exactly?

Just sayin…