Not sure if this has been blogged much but UStream now has a privacy feature as in the ability to password protect your show. That’s a huge first step that all of a sudden makes classroom television a little more palatable for teachers. Let’s kick this around a bit…this lets us provide a limited, invited audience to:

  • Poetry readings
  • Dramatic interpretations
  • Skype interviews
  • Homebound lessons
  • Lectures
  • Demonstrations
  • Debates
  • Interpretive readings
  • Concerts
  • Meetings (BOE, Administrative, etc)
  • Sporting events
  • Talent shows
  • Ceremonies
  • Assemblies
  • Food fights

What else can you think of???

As an aside, UStream has also done some sprucing up in terms of your ability to design our show homepage and other fun things. I’m going to be playing with some of the alternatives more and more this winter and spring, but right now, I’m liking UStream more and more.

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