I’m reading another book that I want to blog more about at some point, but I thought I’d throw out a snip that might start some discussion. (Watch…it won’t.) Axel Bruns just published Blogs, Wikipedia, Second Life, and Beyond: From Production to Produsage, and while I just can’t get comfortable with that word he assigns to the concept of creating and consuming all at the same time, he frames a lot of his points just differently enough to make it pretty compelling reading. Like here:

…teachers are now no longer positioned as experts simply by virtue of their accredidation as experts, outside of the pordusage process itself; instead they come to be seen as experts because of their role as leaders of the produsage community. In other words, the argument that they should be respected by their students is made no longer on the basis of their role in the academic hierarchy, their positions and titles, but by their established track record as produsers themselves.

Again, for some reason, that word doesn’t work for me, but the concept that we might at some point begin to value and respect the ability to model the participatory literacies that these tools require as much if not more than the degree on the wall is worth considering, I think. What if we assessed teachers in large part on their abilities to create and consume content effectively as co-learners and co-creators with their students, and to share that work in transparent ways?