Before I did some evangelizing in Moline this morning, four very creative students from Lewiston High School about 90 miles away from here put on a 45-minute mini concert playing, wait for it, a collection of pvc and rubber tubes that, depending on length and thickness, created different tones when thumped on with a drum stick or a spatula. It was amazing, and I managed to snag a minute of Flip video from stage left.

Here’s what was so cool about it. First, these kids were just totally engaged in what they were doing. They had created a funny little PowerPoint that ran in the background, asking the audience to hoot and holler at certain points, and they did a great job of playing to the crowd. Second, they were playing these tubes because the had seen Blue Man Group and were inspired to create their own instruments and write their own music. Their efforts were supported by a band director and principal who encouraged their creativity and let them take their show on the road. Finally, they gave me a great example (check out their videos) of why we should be including MySpace and Facebook in our thinking and learning to the crowd that had just watched them perform.

Nothing beats kids who find and share their passions and talents with adults. Where is the assessment for that?

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