Ok…so I really am searching for words as to how cool Piclens is. And I know; I shouldn’t get so buzzed by the tools. But I’m giving myself an exception here just because I’ve been fooling around with this thing for about an hour since I downloaded it and it’s like mesmerizingly fun…and useful.

It’s a Firefox add-on for Windows and Mac that finds all sorts of video and images via search from a number of different sources (Flickr, straight Google, Amazon and others) and lets you scan them/watch them through the slickest 3D interface I’ve seen yet. You can also breeze through the latest news and sports photos and videos (among others) and every photo or object that comes up anywhere in the frame is linked to the original online. (With the news stuff, a brief summary of the story comes up as well.)

But it’s the hypnotic way in which all of this works that has me amazed…just check it out.