Just want to note that I think I’ve landed upon an interesting little tool to remind me to take a step back and breathe every once and a while in the form of InnerTwitter. In the spirit of the Buddhist tradition, every hour InnerTwitter sends me a tweet “chime”, reminding me to pause, get settled in the moment, reflect on what I’m doing, and just slooooowww down. As someone who as attempted (and usually failed) at practicing a Zen lifestyle, and as a Twitter addict (there’s a real issue with those two ideas, I fear), it’s been kind of an interesting way of getting a little more balance in my day.

If you want to give it a try, there are three different “chime” schedules you can “follow” on Twitter. “Mindful15” (sends a chime every 15 minutes), “Mindful1PerHour“, or “Mindful1PerDay“.

I know on some level that it’s downright sad (and possibly scary) that I feel the need to resort to a regular Tweet to remind me that there are things more important in life than Twitter. (Pardon the blasphemy!) Something about any port in a storm seems to fit right about now…


Or not.