Since I can, I’m embedding the trailer for the Frontline presentation of “Growing Up Online” which airs tomorrow at 9 EST on PBS channels everywhere. This looks like another of those “Be vewwy afwaid” moments in the annals of kids and the Internet. Joy.

Again, I think danah boyd says it right:

“You have a generation faced with a society with fundamentally different properties thanks to the Internet,” says Danah Boyd, a fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School. “We can turn our backs and say, ‘This is bad,’ or, ‘We don’t want a world like this.’ It’s not going away. So instead of saying that this is terrible, instead of saying, ‘Stop MySpace; stop Facebook; stop the Internet,’ it’s a question for us of how we teach ourselves and our children to live in a society where these properties are fundamentally a way of life. This is public life today.”


BTW, we need our own trailer…

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