Tomorrow at a gathering of independent school heads, tech directors and teachers just outside Philadelphia, I will have the distinct pleasure of presenting with Karl Fisch and Anne Smith of Arapahoe High School. It’s billed as  “21st Century Education: 20/20 Vision for Schools” and we’re planning on making it a global event, bringing in students and educators via Skype video to tell their stories live and in living color. In essence, we want them to walk away understanding the power of connections that can reach far beyond the classroom.

To help in that effort, we’ve created a wiki page that we’d love your contribution to. Just leave your name, your place in the world, your blog if you have one, and one link or resource or piece of advice that you feel will help these folks get their brains around some of the challenges and questions and opportunities we face right now. I’ll be tweeting this tonight and tomorrow morning, and we’ll share it with them at the workshop.

Thanks in advance.

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