So after a couple of weeks of info-learning fatigue, I’m feeling like I’m on the verge of crawling my way up out of the pit. Not sure I’m fully there yet, and the fact that I’m staring at one night at home in the next two weeks in the face (10 days in Australia upcoming), I’m not sure when I’ll be fully healed. But taking a couple of weeks basically “off” has helped.

Funny thing is, I didn’t miss it. In fact, it was pretty peaceful to not be a part of the conversation, to not really care what I was wasn’t learning. I’d echo a lot of the reflection that Jeff gives to his most recent purposeful unplugging, even though I just lapsed into mine. (He scheduled his; my brain felt like jello.) As Jeff says, “There are days I’m tired of being tied to technology.” And I would add, there are days I’m tired of learning. I used to feel more guilt about that. These days, much less. And I’ve been thinking about this classroom a bit differently of late. It’s been feeling a bit competitive, and in a weird (and somewhat ironic) way, a bit too friendly. It’s a much more intense place than it was seven years ago.

Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t stop learning. Not at all. It’s just that my learning times were scheduled. A couple of day long sessions with teachers learning their fears. Teaching two days at Seton Hall to school administrators, learning how difficult their technology lives at school are. Twelve basketball games in two weekends, learning a lot about my kids, about how resilient they are, about how hard they’re willing to work, and how different it is to watch my own children compete as opposed to the thousands that I had coached over the years. A day at the Global Green Expo (Wendy’s site design, btw) learning how dire things really are. And much more stuff that the network simply cannot provide.

But that scheduled-ness was the key. (Funny how opposite that sounds from Jeff.) It felt soooo goooooood to be out of the “grab-15-minutes-here-and-there” mode of learning that my life has become these days. To some extent, it’s hard to avoid that these days. But the problem is there are never enough 15 or 30 or 60 minute chunks these days, are there?

I did manage a Tweet about this a couple of days ago, something along the lines of “how long has it been since you totally turned off for a week?” I got about 30 replies. Most couldn’t remember when. Many were wistful of such an occurrence.

So yeah, learning can happen 24/7/365 these days. Don’t have to be connected to do it though. No news there I know, just a friendly reminder to myself.