So a couple of weeks ago, someone (can’t remember who, now) told me that he had downloaded a digital version of my book at Amazon, and I was like “Get. Out.” I didn’t even know there WAS a digital version of my book. (My publisher and I don’t communicate very well anyway.) First chance I got, I went to Amazon and dug around for it, but couldn’t find it. Must of been a different book, I thought.

So today, when I just 1-clicked a future copy of Jonathan Zittrain’s The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It, guess what popped up on the next screen:

Holy game changer, Blogman! “Search and annotate every page from any computer”??? Publishing 2.0 brain thinking first, interestingly, “Format? File size? Online only?” with publishing 1.0 brain not far behind, as in “Copyable? Royalty?” So of course, I 1-click my own book, flush with anticipation to see what this might look like and what it might mean, when what do you think appears?


So I’m wondering if there’s anyone out there who actually has a digital copy of the book and would be willing to fill me in on what that might be like since, as usual, I’m looking like the last to know…

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