New Class(room) War: Teacher vs. Technology – New York Times

  • Quote: “All the advances schools and colleges have made to supposedly enhance
    learning — supplying students with laptops, equipping computer labs,
    creating wireless networks — have instead enabled distraction. Perhaps
    attendance records should include a new category: present but otherwise

    Note: I actually met a high school principal in Ohio last week who encouraged his teachers to tell kids “Turn your phones ON!” when they come to class. Not as in start making all sorts of phone calls, but as in let’s learn how we can use our phones (since just about every student had one at his school) to extend what we’re doing in class. We can try to fight this, I suppose, as many schools are. Or, we can try to inculcate appropriate use from early on by modeling our own cell phone use to access infromation and learn throughout the curriculum. Bottom line is yep, this is a much more distract-able world. We have to somehow find strategies to teach our kids to use cell phones and computers and the like in effective ways, and we also have to bend our thinking a bit in terms of what we ask our kids to do in classrooms in the first place.
     – post by willrich