Illegal Music Downloading at an All Time High

  • Quote: According to the 2007 Digital Media Survey, conducted by Entertainment Media Research in conjunction with media lawyers from Olswang, illegal music downloads have reached an all time high.

    Note: What will the new model for music be?
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SharedBook Releases Blog2Print Upgrade

  • Quote: SharedBook, the publishing
    platform provider for online content, will release a new version of its
    Blog2Print widget today. We first covered the SharedBook Blog2Print widget here. Included in the upgraded widget is a embedded photo feature, which
    will automatically flow photographs and other images from your blog to
    the book format, alongside associated text. This means that those using
    your Blog2Print widget will now be able to gain the full context of
    your published content, from an online format to a physical printed
    format, retaining the integrity and intention of your original posts.Note: So if you have your kids blog for an extended period of time, they can be writing a real book as well, one that they can publish and sell.
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  • Quote:
    Piczo has partnered with top publisher Penguin and six of the coolest
    bands and musicians to let you do just that. This is your chance to
    design a cover for such classics as Alice in Wonderland, Dracula,
    Animal Farm, and others.

    Note: Might be a fun class project.
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