Online sites-online sites for children – New York Times

  • Quote: My daughter lives in two worlds. In one, she is the same small person I
    have always known, the one who chews on the end of her braid when she
    reads. But in the other, her imagination runs wild as she plays online
    at the kids’ social network sites where she and many of her friends
    recently persuaded their parents to open accounts for them.

    Note: Social networking for younger kids can be difficult for parents to understand…
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Some Schools Drop Laptop Programs – New York Times

  • Quote: The students at Liverpool High have used their school-issued laptops to exchange answers on tests, download pornography and hack into local businesses. When the school tightened its network security, a 10th grader not only found a way around it but also posted step-by-step instructions on the Web for others to follow (which they did)…So the Liverpool Central School District, just outside Syracuse, has decided to phase out laptops starting this fall, joining a handful of other schools around the country that adopted one-to-one computing programs and are now abandoning them as educationally empty — and worse.

    Note: There are so many potential reasons for this, but the basic reason is because learning with technology is simply not a systemic part of the K-12 curriculum. It’s not a part of the way we do business. Instead, it’s something we try to make work at certain times for certain purposes. And even then, we don’t fully understand the implications and potentials of the tools. Not surprising…is it?

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