Andrew Rasiej, who has put together the Personal Democracy Forum, is hitting hard on learning and education and technology as a part of a new challenge to the candidates in the presidential election. He mentions that kids in NYC spend on average one hour a week on computers in schools. Businesses, he notes, use computers a bit more often. The divide has continued to increase.

To address this, he has six key planks that he wants the candidates to commit to on the TechPresident Weblog:

  1. Declare the Internet a public good
  2. Provide affordable high-speed wireless Internet access nationwide
  3. Support ‘Net Neutrality’
  4. Instead of “No Child Left Behind,” our goal should be “Every Child Connected.”
  5. Build a Connected Democracy
  6. Create a National Tech Corps

I’ve been wondering if any of these candidates will take all of this on. I hope so.

Definitely worth reading and thinking about.

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