I wanted to play more with UStream.tv and so today I invited my good friend Warren Buckleitner to the first real “show” at Weblogg-ed TV. Warren is the editor of Children’s Technology Review, is a writer about children’s technology for the New York Times, and runs the Dust or Magic? conference each year (which this year, btw, will feature presentations by Mitch Resnick and Marc Prensky.) As luck would have it, Warren spent this morning in New York City and came back with a bag full of schwag to show and many ideas about the explosion of social software and technology for younger kids. I think we had a pretty good 45-minute long talk that you can view right here if you like.

The best part? We had 22 people in the room at one point, and there was some great back channel conversation and questioning going on as we blathered away. It was really, really fun. We’re going to do another show on Saturday, this time talking to kids about how they use software. You can get the details by watching the video. ;0)

Thanks to those that watched. I would love to hear your comments. Too. Much. Fun.

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