“We Can’t Ignore the Influence of Digital Technologies” Op Ed from Chronicle of Higher Education | HASTAC

  • Quote: Rather than banning Wikipedia, why not make studying what it does and does not do part of the research-and-methods portion of our courses? Instead of resorting to the “Delete” button for new forms of collaborative knowledge made possible by the Internet, why not make the practice of research in the digital age the object of study? That is already happening, of course, but we could do more. For example, some professors already ask students to pursue archival research for a paper and then to post their writing on a class wiki. It’s just another step to ask them to post their labors on Wikipedia, where they can learn to participate in a community of lifelong learners. That’s not as much a reach for students as it is for some of their professors.

    Note: Great essay from Cathy Davidson from the Chronicle of Higer Education. As if:Book points out, here is a scholar defending the value of Wikipedia. Nice to see.

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