Well, didn’t take long for UStream to go mainstream. Mitt Romney’s big speech on Mormonism today got streamed live…not sure how many viewers, but I’m sure it was more than most of the efforts in this community (except of course the worldwide broadcast from that Chicago eating establishment a few months ago.) We’ll get there though…

What I really want to know is if Romney made any use of the chatbox feature. Did he make it interactive at all? I probably won’t actually watch the recorded stream, so if anyone knows if he took audience questions, let me know. It is kind of interesting, isn’t it, to think that we are witnessing the birth of interactive Web TV. Even though it’s pretty much still the wild west (I always cringe when I get to the UStream home page during a presentation) it is another tool, another step, another way to publish.

Wonder where we’ll be in five years.

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