So my online geekiness entered a new phase this week as I signed up for a Verizon broadband wireless account. I did it for a couple of reasons, first and foremost that I’m really tired of paying anywhere from $8-$10 an hour for wifi in airports and hotels and wherever else, and secondly to be able to get work done whenever I get a chance. I have to say that it’s already made me feel different about the world. Now I know that sounds weird (as in “Like, get a life already!”) But it is a different head to know that I can now really get online with my computer almost anywhere I am.

Take yesterday, for instance. I got stuck coming home from the Westhampton School District on Long Island on the most lovely Belt Parkway and it took me two hours to travel the nine miles from Kennedy Airport to the Verrazano Bridge. Was the most productive nine miles I’ve ever spent in a car after I popped in the USB card and got four bars the whole way. (Don’t say it.)

I was ready to pop it in again today as I had to wait for about six hours while Tess participated in a pony club quiz-a-thon or something up here in the Poconos. But the good news was, much to my astonishment, the place we’re at actually has free wi-fi. What a concept.

Anyway, I wonder how long it will be before this isn’t so amazing.