Did I mention I got a TIVO for Christmas? And yeah, it’s great and all that now I can watch the Daily Show and get to see some Frontline type stuff whenever I want it. But to be honest, the whole TIVO think has been a bummer on one level in that I find myself watching more television, which is something I really don’t want to do. I mean, this is the Age of Participation, right? But all TIVO and Sling and Netflix and, to some extent, YouTube (if you’re just watching it) and others seem to be doing is pulling us back to where we were before. The only difference is now we need a new term for couch potato…comp potato? Tech potato, perhaps?

So it’s not surprising, is it, that more and more of us are labeling ourselves procrastinators? 26 percent of Americans,  according to a new study, up from 5 percent 20 years ago. And as the article points out, much of it is due to the “distraction” of technology.

“It’s easier to procrastinate now than ever before. We have so many more temptations,” he said. “It’s never been harder to be self-disciplined in all of history than it is now.”

And I admit, I struggle with this too. (You should see my honey-do list.) I’d like to think it’s because I’ve got more productive things to do (like blog and write) and that the reason I’m procrastinating on cleaning up the backyard is not really procrastination at all…it’s choices.

But, as usual, I wonder about my kids and our students. I mean, let’s face it, the “distractions” are becoming more ubiquitous. The other day I was up at the farm watching my daughter ride her pony, and also in the ring was an older girl who was atop her horse, walking slowly, all the time texting messages into her cell phone. I found that to be a pretty unsettling sight. I mean, the whole zen of participation takes on a totally different meaning in that respect.

I want my kids to create, to interact. I don’t want them watching television, of which 99% is absolutely, insanely stupid, demeaning, manipulative and inconsequential. I want them to make television of a different ilk, one that makes asks them and their audience to engage and think. I thought we were heading more in that direction, but I feels like we’re headed for a retreat.

(Screenshot via TechCrunch)

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