I have to say, I love Skitch. It’s a MAC only tool that makes it oh so easy to snip pictures from the screen, annotate them, play with them and then, and here’s the cool part, easily upload them to your “MySkitch” webpage where you get all sorts of code you can then use to publish it out. I used to love to make collages when I was a little kid. So to experiment, I did the above in about 15 minutes using Flickr Creative Commons photos (listed below) uploaded the result in one click, and then just snagged the code and pasted it in.

That, seems to me, to be covering the “last mile” in terms of some of these non-bloggy tools, the getting it online really easy part. If you want to see that done with screencasts, take a look at Jing. You capture your video, click a button, and it’s online for you to link to or do whatever. That publishing hump continues to get smaller.

Anyway, just a bit of play on a rainy Sunday morning…

(BTW, I’ve got four Skitch invites for any MAC users who may want one…leave a comment with your correct e-mail…I send ’em if I got ’em.)

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