It’s the admissions part that’s sticky, but I have some. Over the past month or so, something really shifty has been going on in my own practice, changes that on some level are somewhat disconcerting.

First, my aggregator is dead! Long live the aggregator! This is the toughest shift to deal with: I have pretty much stopped reading my feeds. Here are the reasons I can articulate:

  • Way too much travel of late…Australia, China, Canada, and my next two months are going to be brutal. I think my
  • Brain is just fatigued, plain and simple. Which may be one reason I’m currently really
  • Bored by the conversation. I’m still feeling like most of what little I am reading and writing is just a rehash of stuff we’ve been talking about for years now. It’s stale, which might be why I’ve been drawn to
  • UStream. It’s fresh in one sense that in the process of learning it it feels like I’m actually getting somewhere. The gains are tangible. But the gains take me time (read: small left brain), time that I would normally spend reading deeply but instead now read
  • Thinly, as in Twitter. I blame Twitter for a lot of this, actually. It’s a lot simpler, isn’t it? The lazy man’s blog tool. And while it’s great to have the network at my fingertips, it’s also a distraction in many ways.

Second, blogging is work these days. (Have you noticed?) It’s feeling more like shoveling the manure at Tess’s pony club…it’s got to be done, but there isn’t much joy in it. And I’ve got Tom Hoffman on my shoulder whenever I start typing, which isn’t a bad thing in that it raises the bar in my own brain but it also makes this more work than fun at times. (Not your fault, Tom. You’re just doing your job.) See many of the other reasons listed for my lack of feed reading as relevant here too.

Third, Skype (actually IM and chat in general) has become the major communication tool in my day right now, and I’m feeling almost constantly connected to a small portion of the network. It’s not unusual for me to have three or four chats going at the same time. Talk about a distraction. (This part, at least, was put in some perspective yesterday when Steve Dembo, in response to the latest Twitter outage, created a Skypechat room for all of his friends to continue the updates, all while in an important business meeting. Oy.)

Finally, the whole model for personal pd feels like it’s shifting. Yesterday was the birth of EPDN, the “EdBlogger Professional Development Network” (coming soon to a cable channel near you). For three hours last night, people were grazing from one live event to the next between the “K12 Online Fireside Chat” at 7 EST to my “Playing with UStream” episode on Weblogg-ed TV at 8 EST to “Women of the Web” interviewing David Jakes and Ewan McIntosh at EdTechTalk at 9 EST. There was a weird new feel that I got from all of that, one that on some levels was pretty cool but on another just felt like total overload (especially if you tried to follow any of the chat conversations…)

So anyway. That’s the state of my world. Just for the record. Today. At this moment.

Now if the Cubs had won the World Series…

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