Oh. My. Goodness. I really don’t know what to say about this. Barack Obama (or someone in his campaign) gets this stuff. At MyBarackObama.com you can begin your own social network in Obamaland including but certainly not limited to creating a blog, connecting with friends, making groups, tracking your fundraising, leaving messages for one another… It’s politics 2.0. And on his main site, he’s got the video thing goin’ on, the blog, links to Flickr, YouTube, Facebook. I mean “Get outta here!”

Now I know we are a long ways away from the election, and there is much left to learn about all of these candidates, but is anyone else feeling a little excited by the prospect of this candidacy. A former educator. Someone who seems to have his brain around what’s happening with technology. Someone articulate and, from all accounts, pretty level headed.

What a concept.

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