There were only a few hundred people who hung around until the bitter end of this year’s NYSCATE conference in Rochester when Gary Stager and I had an hour to “discuss” (not debate) the world of technology and learning, and I hope they felt it was worth it. Gary and I really don’t disagree on all that much, we just come from different frames. And I admire the passion with which he holds his convictions about learning and classrooms. And the fact is that I like Gary; I learn a lot from my “discussions” with him.

We UStreamed the event live (David Jakes, producer) and at one point had over 50 people in the room from around the globe. (Yawn…) The backchannel ended up being about 20 pages long, and, as always, it’s an interesting read on a lot of levels (especially as one of the participants.) I’ve embedded the stream and the chat on the wiki site I’m keeping for many of the streams.

If nothing else, it’s pretty cool to include other audiences in events like these. Would love to hear from some of you who were in the room, physical or virtual.

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