So I added the “I” in the above because I have absolutely no doubt there will be many more of these unconferences to come. This has been a good day, on a number of different levels. I’m really, really fortunate in that over the years I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of the people in this community, and it’s been very cool seeing them all again and being all in the same space. But there are many folks here who I don’t know or haven’t met, and it’s great hearing those perspectives and voices as well.

I’m not going to dive too far into the topics and the readouts…lots of other folks are doing that. But I’m really thinking about community in the physical and virtual contexts. We had a pretty provocative discussion led by Sheryl that reminded me how different these spaces are, and how complex they are to navigate. It’s something that, once again, has to be folded into our curricula throughout our time with students. And I really believe that we have to have our own brains around these different iterations of community that our kids will be working in.

I’m not sure how far down the road we’re getting on answering any of the big questions. But we’ve started some conversations that I’m sure are going to continue. Steve, who has done such a great job of making this happen, said at the outset that he’ll be interested in seeing what transpires from this six months out. I’m feeling, at this moment at least, that we may have actually pushed further forward by that point. And I’ve come away with at least one “big” idea that’s relevant to my own search. But I’m still trying to listen and divine (if that’s the right word) some guiding principles for this conversation…

Anyway, so far, so good.

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