Remote Access: Chaos Theory

  • Quote: Every time I speak to teachers about forming networks with their kids, many of them cringe at the loss of control and worry what the consequences will be for their classrooms. My experience has found that people who are willing to open the potential for network formation up, will find that students will grow and mature in their information access, organization, and comprehension skills. Certainly unintended consequences will arise, but they will very, very rarely be negative. These consequences are the ones which will allow students to grow and flourish as information prosumers and to become active citizens. –Clarence Fisher

    Note: Precisely. Who among us hasn’t grown inour information access, organization, and comprehension skills? Anyone? Anyone?

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Smart Mobs: Mobile lifestyle in China

  • Quote: The China Daily reports “China is expected to overtake the United States to have the world’s largest Internet population within two years, a quasi-government organization said yesterday”… Mao Wei, director of CNNIC, said an increasingly mobile lifestyle in China could help spark an even bigger Internet boom. The growth of China’s Internet population could get a boost after the country rolls out 3G (third generation) mobile telephony, which promises faster Internet access and downloads of data-heavy services such as videos,

    Note: Someone get a hold of Karl Fisch and make sure he gets it in his next “Did You Know” episode…

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M dot Strange Finds a Way at Sundance – New York Times

  • Quote: But what would have been crushing for another young filmmaker was no big deal for M dot Strange, who arrived at Sundance with a huge audience in tow. During the last two years, he has been posting a video blog on YouTube letting people know how the movie was coming along. And then two months ago, he finally posted a trailer, and almost immediately it was downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.

    Note: Yet another in a long line of stories that shows how participatory media shakes things up.

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96 Different Blog Rubrics

  • Quote: Um…none really…just a list of search hits for “blog” in a rubric database.

    Note: Informational only. I only clicked through a few of these to see if they worked.

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