So it turns out that just about 150 feet from where I’ve hung my shingle in Flemington, NJ, one of the pre-eminent “experts” on children’s software, Warren Buckleitner has a shingle of his own. Warren writes and publishes the “Children’s Technology Review,” is a periodic writer for the New York Times, testified in front of Congress last year regarding the ratings system on games, and, most importantly, has two daughters who ride horses at the same farm as Tess. (We’re “Barn Dads.”) Warren is also the founder of MediaTech which is drop in community technology center in our town library, and we’re embarking on a cool new project for next year that you can read about here if you like.

All of which leads me to the fact that Warren was interviewed for a story on Club Penguin that ran on NPR’s “All Things Considered” last week. It was a pretty good piece that discussed this relatively new territory that is online multi role player games for tweens. Here’s the money quote from Warren:

By playing these games they are sort of like training wheels for starting to participate in the digital culture that’s certainly here already.

I like that metaphor. Now if I could just get Warren to start blogging…

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