My friend Warren Buckleitner will have a piece in the Circuits section of the New York Times tomorrow that does some raving about Scratch, the new Mitch Resnick offering from MIT. He spent about five minutes starting to show me what a constructivist cool tool this could be for my own kids, and now I’m chomping to let them have at it. Mind you, I have no programming brain, so I’m hoping to learn as well. Maybe my kids can teach me in a few days… Also, via Stephen Downes, this video which does some scratching too.

I love what Resnick says at the end:

“Our ultimate goal is to bring together a worldwide community of creators who are constantly using Scratch to create new projects, share them with their friends around the world and learn from one another in the process.”

Very cool. Mix ups and mash ups and programming for kids, creating global networks and collaborations, teaching one another. How little does that sound like school?

Here’s hoping I can get my kids started…

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