So, certainly things have developed over the last few years in terms of blogging tools for educators. And it seems that more and more of the platforms are gearing themselves specifically to address the calls from teachers for varying levels of transparency, safety, etc. I remember way back in 2002 we chose to install Manila because it was one of the few to allow differing levels of public-ness (if that’s a word) even though at the time the process was pretty clunky. But today, that’s not the case any longer. And in the last couple of days I’ve seen some blurbs on some even more ed-centric options that are beginning to provide some real choices.

For instance, Edublogs has just announced a plugin that makes blogs private to all but registered and logged in Edublogs users. (Full disclosure: Edublogs hosts this blog in exchange for the ad at right.) And Bill Fitzgerald just announced that he’s released DrupalEd for free download. Add those to recent releases by 21Classes and even the new Blogger, David Warlick’s ClassBlogmeister, and even Vox, and all of a sudden, there’s much more to think about. (And btw, Manila is still around…)

So I’m wondering what teachers in the trenches are using right now. And I took literally 30 seconds to put up a new page at Support Blogging where we collectively might start to make a menu of the options. (I’m sure I’ve missed some.)

The good news is that we have some options out there to explore if we want to do that.

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