So I spent the last couple of days in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn working with a pretty diverse group of educators and engaging in some pretty hefty conversations about what we should do about these changes that are occuring. Today, I got some pretty serious pushback regarding the usual suspects…Wikipedia, cell phones. Interesting.

On the long drive home, I started wondering to what extent some of this stuff is really being integrated in districts. So, just for kicks, is there anyone out there who has all of the below integrated somewhere into the curriculum? 4 out of 5? 3?

1. Wikipedia–as in teaching kids about the collaborative construction of knowledge.
2. Cell phones–as in teaching how to use them effectively as tools for “just in time learning.”
3. MySpace–as in teaching the safe and effective use of the Internet to build networks and publish content.
4.–as in teaching the skills necessary for navigating a world where editing occurs post publication.
5. Google–as in teaching the skills to find the information we want.

What other “basics” would you add?

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