So today is a sad day as I’ve decided to drop Alan Levine and Tim Lauer from my Bloglines blogroll. (Sorry guys.) Their blog feeds have just become, I dunno, so one-dimensional. Sure, they’re both writing about great stuff and linking to cool tools. But I just feels like I’m missing something…

The fix? Now I’m subscribed to Tim and Alan’s SuprGlu sites. In one feed, I get their blog posts, any links they post to, their Flickr photos and more. And actually, while the feed uptake is a little slower, I’m liking this a lot more. These are people whose ideas and links I trust, and I love being able to follow their practice and beyond the blog more deeply and easily. In fact, I’d love it if more of my nucleus of trusted teachers would do the same.

And btw, here’s my Suprglu page and feed in case you’re interested. (The way I’ve been lately, you might be.)

C’mon…you didn’t think I be so silly as to totally drop Tim and Alan, did you?

(As an aside, believe it or not, it took me until this morning to subscribe to Stephen’s Edu-RSS feed. And I really wish I could wrap my brain around the whole concept of what he’s trying to do with it.)