So did I mention that I got a TIVO for Christmas? My, how much I’ve been missing. I know, I know…I could probably just as well have caught all the Daily Shows on YouTube or BitTorrent or somewhere else. And it stinks that TivoToGo won’t work with a MAC. Bummer.

And speaking of which, here’s something I’ll be capturing tonight. ABC News: ‘The YouTube War’ will feature some thoughts from Jeff Jarvis, who has been doing some great blogging about “small TV” of late. Interesting how things are evolving on that front as well. Here’s a snip from the show notes:

From the frontlines of the war in Iraq to the political battleground of the 2006 midterm elections, the surge of online video has changed the dynamic. In both campaigns, a piece of tape can be quickly uploaded, and seen by tens of thousands of viewers in a matter of hours.

Another example of how these tools are pushing social and cultural change…change that our schools aren’t keeping up with…

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