I added this article from today’s Times about Wikipedia to the EdBloggerNews site (which if you haven’t gone there and signed up for an account and subscribed to the RSS feed and added the bookmarklet to your toolbar so you can start contributing yet you should) and this quote just jumped out at me:

Wikipedians often speak of how powerfully liberating their first contribution felt. Kathleen Walsh, 23, a recent college graduate who majored in music, recalled the first time she added to an article on the contrabassoon.

“I wrote a paragraph of text and there it was,” recalled Ms. Walsh. “You write all these pages for college and no one ever sees it, and you write for Wikipedia and the whole world sees it, instantly.”

What is it Dave Winer always says? “Bling!”

UPDATE: I just realized that Clarence already posted to EdBloggerNews and that two people commented on the post. I’m diggin’ it! (Shouldn’t you be?)

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