I’ve feel fortunate and somewhat honored to have been asked to contribute to a new blog at the District Administration Magazine site called “The Pulse.” It’s an opportunity for me to reach a wider audience of administrators and to join in a conversation with some pretty respected thinkers about education in general, not just educational technology, folks like Alfie Kohn, whose books I have loved, Susan O’Hanian, and Etta Kralovec, to name a few. Also in the mix are David Thornburg, Roger Shank, and about a dozen others who I’m looking forward to engaging with and learning from. Hope you’ll stop by. I put up my first post today, not surprisingly about DOPA.

A bit of disclosure: I’m receiving no compensation for posting at The Pulse, and I have agreed to not write for competitors during my tenure there, so I won’t be posting at Ed Tech Insider any longer. This last bit took me some time to agree to, but I decided in the end that the opportunity to do some blogvangelizing more directly to administrators was worth the switch. And, in the interest of disclosing, I’ve added some information about my work to my About page. If there’s anything else you think I should be adding there, let me know.

Ok…that’s waaayyyy too much about me these last couple of days…back to our regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow.

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