From the “E-Mailed Stories that We Liked Dept.” (blogged with Andy Losik’s permission:)

Today in my elementary Infotech classes, I realized the horror of life without
online resources that are tabbed as being part of “social networking”.

Inadvertedly our school district’s filter profile had “Web Logs/Personal web
pages” added to it this morning, meaning anything that was blog-based or in
reality Web 2.0 was blocked.

I blog at out of sheer convenience. I post content for my
students in grades K-5 to access efficiently. The blog has become a favorite of
the students and parents alike. Students show their folks at home the online
activities and websites we use at school.

When the site was blocked this morning and kids were trying to access the
activity I had blogged, it hit me as to how effective this tool can be, even in
the very “rough” way I use it.
It got worse though. I sent the students to the backup assignment and I began
trying to access my Bloglines account. Blocked! Furl…blocked.….blocked….Weblog-ed….blocked! Those great kids in Room

A huge chunk of my professional life was now severed from me and my classroom. I was literally placed in a time machine and shot backwards to Web 1.0. What was I supposed to do? Gopher my way around the Web?

Within a couple of hours and after panic-riddled emails to the Intermediate
School District, the problem was resolved and called a mistake. It felt more
like being awaken from a nightmare.

Holy cow! Shutting down the “Web Logs/Personal web pages” as the 8E6 filtering
system calls it, cuts us off from the ability to share real, pertinent, and
meaningful information. I am not sure where legislation stands but this is
something I hope to never experience again!

And so it goes…

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