I’m really getting frustrated with Skype on a variety of levels. My troubles with 2.0 on my MacBook never got resolved, so I went back to 1.5 and got it working for a while, but now the same thing is happening again. No one shows up online in my list of contacts. Nothing I do fixes it. And despite repeated requests for help from Skype, I’ve never gotten a reply. Now I know the folks at Skype have more pressing issues, but this is seriously getting me down, and it is a known issue. I’ve come to rely on Skype to keep in touch with a whole bunch of folks, and now unless I boot up my Tablet PC, I can’t. Really stinks…and what stinks even more is that I have no clue what to do about it.

UPDATE: So I take it back for now…I just downloaded the new beta and it seems to be working. And, it may have been user error…seems my profile got set to offline somehow…ugh. Must have been my kids. Yeah. That’s it. Those kids messin’ with my MAC again.

Color me embarassed…

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