Well, that was too much fun flying around Second Life with Dave, Ewan, Tom, Doug, and others today in Second Life. I’m not sure what I think actually, other than it’s an absoultely amazing, um, place that could have some interesting applications for the classroom. In fact, I guess, it could be a classroom. But, oy, the thought of spending another chunk of my life learning enough about it to actually make some sense of it is giving me a migrane. (And besides that the first couple of people I tried to interact with ran away from me. Was it my breath?) Luckily, the technology doesn’t seem to be stable enough yet to make classroom use an option right now. I don’t think. Ewan and others were having a slow time of it, and some folks crashed.

The other fun was doing my first Skypecast with Dave at the helm. That too had some mixed reviews, but it was fun being able to talk to people while interacting with them in SL.

Btw, in case I ever get back there, my SL name is Blogsar Lumpen. Don’t ask.