Information Literacy Section–Question #14

Read this:

In his new book, ‘State of Denial, ‘Woodward spells out in agonizing detail how George W. Bush and the Republican party have lied to the American people on the level of violence in Iraq and, in particular, the intensity of attacks against U.S. troops.

Now, read this:

Although Woodward seems to want you to believe that American troops are facing a more violent insurgency in Iraq (and that Bush is keeping that top secret), it is really Sunnis and Shiites who are facing a more violent environment because they are increasingly going after each other.

Who do you believe?

(Blogger’s Note: So what’s more important here, knowing how to roll up your sleeves and do the work, vet the sources, weigh the opinions? Or coming up with the right answer? And if it’s the former, will the SAT ever be able to “test” for it? On a personal note, I find this to be one of the most frustrating parts of the “abundance of knowledge.” There are times, many times, when I seriously don’t know what to believe. And it’s because I do try to see what both sides are doing. When I read something like this story, I go to both and, even though my political leanings are much more in tune with the latter. I used to think if I read it in the Times, it was true, mostly because I didn’t have another source at my disposal. Now I do. Now it’s more work. How do we prepare our kids to do it?)

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