Steve Dembo is noting another way the tools are pushing us to reinvention:

Some professors posting their lectures online as podcasts claim their seeing a rise in absenteeism. Professors are responding by having more pop quizzes or giving extra credit for attending class.

Am I missing something? What’s the problem here? If students can get all of the necessary information and pass the final exam just by listening to the podcasts, then A ) the student should get a cookie and B ) the professor do some serious thinking about how much value there is of hearing the information firsthand.

If the student could just as easily get all the information from a podcast, then isn’t the lecture period being completely wasted?

And then he asks this really big question:

When the lecture, presentation slides and notes can all be shared online, what SHOULD a higher education class look like?

To be honest, I have a secret wish that when my kids get old enough for college (in about 10 years), that they’ll have consumed all of the necessary consumables and just be showing up to classes that focus on actually taking an active role in the learning. What a concept…

But these are old habits. And we’ve got our fair share of ’em down here in K-12 land as well.