Another article that’s got me all fired up today is this CNET review of a John Seeley Brown speech at MIT last Friday. As Clarence points out, Brown affirms much of what we as a community has been saying about the types of changes the Web is bringing about and what it means for our practice and pedagogy. Clarence pulls some of the best quotes, but here is one that really resonates for me:

In particular, he praised situations where students who are passionate about specific topics study in groups and participate in online communities.

To me, this is the one biggest advantages of the Read/Write Web, the ability to connect to others who are passionate about whatever it is that you want to learn. How rare is it to have that happen in physical space, where everyone in the room is ready and excited to learn?

As Brown points out, for educators to really take advantage of the potential of the Internet, we need to rethink our practice. And, I think, the best way to do that is to get involved in “passion based learning” ourselves, much like what has occurred in my practice since I started blogging and connection those many moons ago. That may mean giving up something else. It may mean making a choice between something we currently do, say reading the newspaper, for something new, like reading the aggregator. But we have to find ways to do it, because our current practice will just not pass muster much longer.

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