True story…

I pull into a parking space yesterday morning at the county park where I plan on running my first 5K in about a year, and of course, since it’s race day, it’s like 85 degrees and 95% humidity. So I roll down the windows in my car and pull out my computer so I can get a few moments of writing in since I’m about 45 minutes early (gotta get the t-shirt, ya know) and notice that there’s a woman in the car next to me who appears to be reading a handout of some type. She’s talking to one of her young teenage kids in the back seat, something about keeping it down ’cause she has to do this reading for a paper that’s due tomorrow. Every minute or so she offers up a little tidbit of the reading to her kid…it’s about the recent issues with the Pope and offending Muslims and world reaction. The kid is non plussed, but at one point finally says, “Whadda ya reading anyway, mom? The New York Times?”

“Nope,” says the woman. “It’s from Wikipedia.”

Color me surprised. Who ever thought of printing out a Wikipedia article for the road?

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