Some assorted reflections on a busy first full workshop day in Boston where giving two presentations in three sessions left little time for blogging. I’ve had to resort to reading the HitchHikr feed to catch up on what’s been going on at a conference I’m attending. Sad, I know.

  • The keynote by Marco Torres was phenomenal I thought. And I loved the message, which was basically to tell educators that we have tools now that just about every type of learner can flourish with, and we need only to find the creativity within us to make it happen. The examples of student work he showed were nothing short of amazing, and worth sharing to every educator audience out there. His kids come from the most undereducated and poverty stricken areas of LA and yet they are succeeding in multimedia. The big question that we’re going to have to deal with is whether we can teach the fundamental literacies through the media that kids are most motivated and driven by. Steve Dembo blogged the session in full.
  • Got to meet Darren Kuropatwa, finally, but didn’t get to see either of his sessions. (And we’re presenting opposite each other tomorrow, so I’m going to miss out totally. Bummer.) Looking forward to spending time with he and Steve and Tim Stahmer and the rest of the blogging contingent on the Boston Harbor cruise tonight.
  • At the end of the day wrapup, Alan handed out “clickers” to the audience and then got some quick responses to some meta questions. The majority of the crowd answered that governments and schools “own the learning” right now, but when asked who should, it was almost unanimous that students should. We also found out that there were quite a number of bloggers in attendance, and that there actually are some schools that don’t block IM, filter Wikipedia, or frown on blogs. What a concept.

One last little tidbit of shameless self-promotion. Sara Kajder who is here presenting on literacy and digital storytelling (see Steve’s blog) came up to tell me that the state of Kentucky (where she teaches) has purchased 2,000 copies of my book, one for every technology integrator in the state. How cool is that?

More “meaningful” blogging today, I hope…

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