So Tom has been doing a great job of teaching all of us the intricacies of Google ranks and white supremicism, and as his last few posts suggest, he’s become a bit obsessed (in a good way, of course) with knocking martinlutherkingDOTorg down a few pegs. To be honest, I’m feeling somewhat chagrined at the fact that I’ve had something to do with the advancement of the site (whatever small) and just for the record, I’ve gone back through all of my content that I can and removed any links that I might have still had. (That includes a couple of old blog posts, my presentation wiki, and my H2O Playlist. I’m sure Tom will let me know about any others that I may have missed…) To put it succinctly…”my bad.”
Tom has also taken the step of setting up so that if you REALLY have to link to the site, you can link to Tom’s page and it will redirect you with a nice, pithy disclaimer to make sure you know what you’re really getting. He’s even gone so far as to keep that page from showing up in the Google link list for the offensive site.
All of this of course serves as a great reminder of the complexities of the information world in which we live these days. And of how much there is to learn and make a part of my practice.

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